Wires and Cables


Flexon Cables is manufacturer of electrical wires and cables with superior quality. Flexon specializes in manufacturing a wide range of Cables and confirming to various Indian and International Standards. Cables are an important aspect of an industry and Flexon, being manufacturer of cables, produces a huge range of industrial cables. Flexon Cable is in the market since last 50 years. We have fully equipped in-house manufacturing unit and testing equipments enabling it to maintain total and complete control of quality of manufactured cables. We believe in enhancing customer satisfaction by delivering value engineered products. Each cable is manufactured from electrolytic grade bright annealed copper, thus helping to save energy. The cables are insulated with a special Grade PVC compound, offering high insulation resistance and Dielectric strength.

About Us:

FLEXON of various kinds of wire & cables . The company has been operating for more than a decade and in this span of time we have been able to establish ourselves as a reputed name in providing a complete range of technologically advanced specialty wire & cables.

The Adilec Systems Advantages:

  • Wire & cable are manufactured as per National & international Standards
  • Customer need based solutions for various industries
  • High Quality products
  • On-time delivery


FLEXON specializes in manufacturing a wide range of Cables and confirming to various Indian and International Standards. The size of the order has never been a deterrent for us. We enable on-time delivery of any order size of Cables we can provide customized solutions for varying customer requirements.

Our Infrastructure

We have an up-to-date infrastructure in Mumbai enabling us to manufacture Cables and for the requirements of almost all Core Industries. We also have a well trained technical staff. A well equipped Laboratory ensures well planned testing and quality control procedures. Our facilities enable us to adapt to changing technology.

Quality Policy

Customer Satisfaction is dependent on optimum quality of the products. Our motto is to keep our clients completely satisfied by delivering the best quality products while ensuring on-time delivery and the most competitive pricing. FLEXON is reputed manufacture and project supplier of quality cables .FLEXON is the fastest growing Company in cable industry, offering the widest range of wires & cable. FLEXON Single & multicore PVC Industrial Wires & Cables find a wide range of application in the control panels, appliances, machine tools, machinery and are used in almost every industry.

Conductor: The conductor are drawn from bright electrolytic grade copper, annealed and bunched together

Insulation: Bunched Conductor are insulated with insulation grade PVC.HR PVC/FR/XLPE/ZERO HELOGEN compound having high insulation resistance values. The insulation process is carried out on

modern high speed extrusion lines with a high degree of accuracy, thus ensuring consistency in performance.

Sheathing: In case of multi core cables, these insulated cores are laid-up to from the core assembly. Sheathing is provided with sheathing grade PVC/HR/FRLS/XLPE/ZHFR compound to facilitate striping as also to withstand mechanical abrasion while in use.

Quality Control: we are assured of the highest quality standards in every FLEXON product. Stringent quality control tests are applied at every stage from raw material to finished goods stage so as to give you the best product, meeting relevant quality standards.

FLEXON PVC insulated industrial Wires & Cables Single core are manufactured as per IS 694 : 2010,in single Core sizes from 0.5 sq mm to 240 sq mm and Multi Core sheathed cables in sizes 0.5 sq mm to 4 sq mm up to 5 cores. These cable sizes are IS marked and are duly approved by and remaining sizes generally confirm to IS 694 : 2010